Friday Emerald Spire

Day fifteen as recorded by Cheryl Tyrieldottir

Mr. Bitey bites the elements.

After a few days in town, we headed back to the dungeon.

We fought the mud lord in the drain room. (600 exp)
The muck was searched.
The south wall had a small portal at the level above the muck line.
No loot in the muck.

Beyond the door out of the room was a tunnel that went down into water. Elemental were sent down looking for trouble. The archons went to find air, and said there was some nearby. I summoned dolphins to take us to the air, which was a magical interface into a room with air and another portal down below. There was a lever opening a grate with a bunyip behind it.

The bunyip came out of the tunnel and was smashed by elementals after roaring to scare away some of my summons. (200 exp) No loot in the room.

There was a second room with another portal and seemed to be the bunyip’s living area.

A hallway beyond that led to a room with air, but no magical interface. Blaze got swept into the room with a giant moray eel when she opened the door. (400 exp)

We encountered yet another summoner and construct. (600 exp)
1 potion of Cure moderate wounds
1 scroll aq orb
1 scroll invisibility
1 chain shirt
1 dagger
1 light crossbow
1 magic ring of protection +1
1 antitoxin
1 backpack
10 empty flasks
5 empty bottles
1 hour hourglass
1 vial ink
1 ink pen
scroll case
100 gp coral
5x 10gp pearl
100 gp pearl
oil leather bundle
+1 adamantine battleaxe
headband of inspired wisdom +2
waterproof scroll case with notes on portals
letters to Oozar Coose of circle of Zis Thar
scroll case with emerald spire 8 sigil
spire transport token

A quest to defeat who is making automotons.

(150 exp for finishing exploring)



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