Friday Emerald Spire

Day nine as recorded by Cheryl Tyrieldottir.

Mr. Bitey bites some bandits.

We found the back entrance to level 3. Sneaking down the tunnel we found a temple, crypt, pool of water. As we advanced we snuffed out some lights.

They crypt room was empty other than some sepulchers.

The first door had two guards, and lead to the room with the spire and stairs down. (100 exp)
2 short sword
2 dagger
2 light xbow
2 potion CLW
2 oil flask
2 padded armor
20 bolts

Next we checked the temple area. It had a statue and paintings of some hooded god. There were three people inside. A cleric of Norborgorborger and two minions. (400 exp)
2 short sword
2 dagger
3 light xbow
2 potion CLW
2 oil flask
2 padded armor
20 bolts
potion flask of invisibility
chain shirt *
rapier *
Holy symbol of Nord
4 candle sticks (80 gp each)
mwk silver dagger

There was a secret door in the back of the room. In the room was a clockwork automaton. It was guarding blackmail stuff worth 700gp. (150 exp)

We found the cleric’s bedroom. The wardrobe was locked with a combo lock. Inside was a chest.
450 gp
1250 sp
pouch of 6x 50 gp onyx
spire transport token

We opened the door beyond the pool area.

There was another room with a guy doing experiments on animals. He was some sort of mage with an iron cobra. (300 exp)
mwk short sword
acid flask
arcane bond ring
3 vial med spider venom
3 vial acid
hemp rope
chain shirt

I collected a cage of seven baby rats. We then proceeded to a room with three sleeping guards.

We found out the statue had a gas trap (100 exp)

Barracks room had three guys in it. (200 exp)
3 short sword
3 dagger
2 light xbow
mwk light xbow
3 potion CLW
2 oil flask
4 small flasks
leather armor
2 padded armor
40 bolts

The Jaris’ room had:
3 potions clw
11 bottles wine
5 bottles brandy
8 vinegar
14 synistetic agent
8 antidote for above
3 acid
4 small centipede venom

We went through the kitchen which was empty

Then dining room had four guys including James. (200exp)
4 short sword
4 dagger
4 light xbow
4 potion CLW
4 oil flask
4 padded armor
40 bolts

11 Plates worth 550gp total

We found a prison type room with a gibbering mouther (400 exp)

There was another gas trap at the end of the hall and I had an eagle hop on it. (100 exp)

We checked a room which was private quarters with keepsakes and journals.
Rook Chess peice 25 gp
ivory comb 40gp
woman with lyre statue 15gp

At the front entrance there were two guys. One turned on an alarm. (200 exp)
2 short sword
2 dagger
2 mwk light xbow
2 potion CLW
8 centipede venom
2 oil flask
2 leather armor
40 bolts

There was a storage room with armor on dummies.
10 shortswords
12 dagger
4 light xbow
3 combosit shortbow +2 str
2 leather armor
3 padded armor
15 blood red ceremonial robes
12 masks (with resevoire in them)

We marched everybody back to town. (50 exp and 50 gp)
Greyshroud quest for info (150 exp)

Stuff was sold and I got the chain shirt for my magic credit.



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