Friday Emerald Spire

Day seventeen as recorded by Cheryl Tyrieldottir

Mr. Bitey bites a mean old man.

We went back to the tower. The next room we chekced was a bathroom.

Loot: 20 blocks blackfire clay (left behind)

The room beyond had the spire, a chair on a rise, and two automotons. They attack despite Mr. Bitey being friendly. 600 exp

2x longsword
2x glaives

There was a bedroom off it.
2x 50gp tapestries
200 gp
5x 100 gp emerald
spire transport token
*western star ioun stone (4000gp)
*potion of invis (300)
journal of proof we can kill him

Past some spinning portals we saw an Aghash and two fiendish leopards. It cast a nasty curse on me, but we killed it. (800 exp)
Yellow topaz 6x 200 gp

There was a room with an automaton and lots of weapons with a couple grates. (400 Exp)

Another room had a pair of self repairing butler automatons. (400 exp)

The last room had a plated minotaur. We killed it lots as it tried to run away. (400 exp)
amulet of natural armor +1
150 gp
3 rubies (150gp each)

Afterwards we navigated back to the center room to confront the old man. (1100)
*potion flask cure moderate wounds
*3rd level wand of magic missiles (24 charges )
mwk dagger
*belt of mighty con +2
*cloak of resistance +1
spire transport token
273 gp

(400 exp for being friendly with the Fetch)
(375 exp for clockwork scourge quest)



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