Friday Emerald Spire

Day sixteen as recorded by Cheryl Tyrieldottir

Mr. Bitey bites nothing in particular

We started the day at the end of the water level.

The next level started with a room that had levers in it. We fiddled with the left red lever which rotated the bronze airlock. The room beyond had three magic items. A lump, a broken staff, and a mace. When Dolomanes fiddled with the staff using a mage hand a zap triggered and di-magicked the staff and lump. The mace was ID’d as a +1 mace. There was an obvious door out, and a secret door as well. (300 exp for trap)

100 gp tapestry
+1 mace (put back)

We talked to Korok the maker of automotons. He was crazy, but gave us permission to map his level.

We soon found a prison with one of the missing mages. We healed him up and decided to take him back home. (325 exp for returning him) 2000 gp reward.

We also turned in the map for the water level for 800 gp reward.



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