Friday Emerald Spire

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In the Beginning
The Emerald Spire
The origins of the Emerald Spire are lost to time. Little is known of the depths of the tower, just that monsters make their home there.. and fell things reside deep within. In fact, even lesser monsters have been known to lair close to the spire itself. The best known of the spires current residents is the Numerian wizard Karkosh. Several years ago he embarked on an ambitious program of investigation and study of the Spire. At first, he was just one more would be looter of forgotten Azlanti lore, but then he decided to stay. He is known to live someplace within the spire, but is unwelcoming and intolerant of intruders… including parties of adventurers pursuing their own investigations of the spire. The Emerald Spire stands in a broad, raised clearing in the southwest reaches of the Echo Wood. This open area is locally known as the Spire Glen. The glen is almost perfectly circular and centered on the Emerald Spire. The trees of the Echo Wood crowd up against the unseen border of the glen, coming to a sudden halt. Legend has it that the Emerald Spire occasionally generates invisible gates or portals that drift through the Glen, briefly linking its deeper levels to the surrounding countryside. Sometimes powerful monsters arrive in the glen, possibly from deep within the Spire.
Day one as recorded by Cheryl Tyrieldottir.
Mr. Bitey bites the darkness.

The party all met in The Red Shield tavern. Blaze who has a writ allowing adventuring in the tower.

We found a secret entrance at the back of the tower. Cheryl’s summoned dog tracked goblin scent to a second room.

We surprised 6 goblins in the 2nd room. (202 exp)
6x small shortbow
6x small shortsword
120 arrows
6x quiver
6x small leather armor
6x light wood shield

One goblin survived and reports being named Sperk.
Goblin reports working Grulk.

Went into Skizzertz room. Skizzerts is a worshiper of Lamashtu who is currently working on “clanky thing.”. Skizzertz room is full of clockwork parts and a scroll tube.

The scroll has a unknown magical sigil which read magic reveals nothing about, but also has a note which says “six” in Azlanti.

We opened the kitchen room. The room was filled with tabled set up like a make shift lab. There was a construct and goblin we surprised inside. The construct was nasty and downed Mr. Bitey. In revenge, the mass summoned dogs finished dropping the cleric of Lamashtu. The cleric had pulsed negative energy and did damage to everybody, including the goblins in the next room.
Pieces of clankey (worth 75gp)
Wand of cure light wounds (19 charges)
3x small leather armor
small masterwork falchion
2x small short sword
2x small wooden shield
40 arrows

The next guard room had two goblins in it. (385 total exp for 3 fights)
2x small short sword
2x small leather armor
40 arrows

Outside the guardroom past a small barrier there was a goblin riding a goblin dog. Once he was cornered he dropped the ceiling and dismounted, retreating into the wall. (150 exp)
small studded leather armor
empty vial
small horse chopper
small shortbow
20 arrows

Loot in their armory:
6 small dogslashers
6 small horsechoppers

The round room near the entrance was reported to be the room where another guard and goblin dog sleeps. (150 exp)
small studded leather
small horsechopper
small shortbow
potion vial of cure moderate wounds
20 arrows

Grulk the bugbear at the top of the tower (300 exp)
morning star
composite longbow (+2 str) (300 gp)
leather armor
ring of featherfall
3x garnet
124 gp
20 longbow arrows

When we got back we are approached by Elarius Darkcloak. She reported to have lost some wizards. Jhrun and Tiawosk. Golden flower order also wants 3 pieces of research about the dungeon portals returned. There are groups underground researching, and we should get their notes.

Day two as recorded by Cheryl Tyrieldottir
Mr. Bitey bites better than any dogs.

I asked about magic available in town. The potion shop has level 1 and 2 spells potions. The Chancery has various magic items to be determined.

Brandt reported having been granted healing powers, but having his powers of sight reduced.

The landing of the stairs down are marked with a sigil. We figure it is a transport rune used with a transport token. (QUEST TO GET TOKEN). I wrote down the sigil and named it “one”

On the stairs there were two zombie goblins. (50 exp)

At the bottom there was a room with open door, closed door, alcove with expired torch.

Down the corridors ahead we came to a pit trap with an obscuring mist casting spider. We moved back and checked a room near the entrance. (150 Exp for trap)

This room had lots of bits of corpse melded with spider bits. Mad scientist type lab. Mr. Bitey found a falling cage trap with a skeleton inside it. (167 exp)
The hall outside also had a trap of some kind (150)

Under the table was a bucket of blood, under the bucket was a key.

There was a secret door in the back of the room.

Past the secret corridor was a room with many stone coffins. When an eagle was summoned into the room spooky magic caused shadows with eyes to appear with a cold wind. After poking in the room a bit, skeletons started coming from the coffins. (202 exp)

In a coffin was a magic horn.

We checked the room at the end of the first hall and found a swarm of spiders. We had to run back to town in order to get alchemical fire.

Day three as recorded by Cheryl Tyriel Dottir
Mr. Bitey bites a lich.

Going back to the dungeon with our alchemical fire in hand we first encountered the hiding spider near the bottom of the stairs from level 1. Mr. Bitey bit the spider really well, and it died.

We took on the spider swarm and burnt it up great.

Going through the secret door at the back of the spider room, we came across a room with a lich hiding behind a curtain, with three skeletons pretending to be on the throne in front of him. A big fight with lots of channeling ensued, and we won in the end. Loot was looted.

Travel token
longsword x4
mwk dagger
belt of mighty con 2
cure moderate wounds
pouch with vial of
transport token
flask transmutation silversheen
4x belt pouches
ivory dice pair
mwk bastard sword
50gp emerald

Behind secret door number one there was a chest and a trapped ceiling. Once the ceiling dropped, the chest was opened. Inside the chest was a skull and snarky note.

In the hall outside was another trap door with a moon spider hiding it it. It was beat up very nicely by Mr. Bitey and a bird. (450 exp)

The next room was full of webs and a spider hiding amongst them. I set a fire elemental to clearing the webs, and my pack of dogs ate the spider. (150 exp)

longsword x2
dagger x5
hand axe
purse of 42cp

The hallway behind had rubble with a skeletal hand poking out. There was also a pit trap with another moon spider in it. Dolomanes blasted it with fire, and it was finished off by Blaze’s bow. (300 exp)

The corpse was a priest. Judging by robes. Based on his holy symbol he was a priest of some evil outer planar gods.

The room behind had a dead spider under a net trap. A closet had a zombie in it (200 exp).

In the center room of the dungeon was more webs. There was a big hole with a ladder going down. A fire elemental was set to burn all the webs, and once cleared we were attacked by two more spiders (400 exp)

Day four

We spend in town

Day five as recorded by Cheryl Tyrieldottir

We went back to the tower, on level 3 we encountered a room with a sturdy door and arrow slits. The guard behind the arrow slits claimed to be named James, and said he was there to keep us from going into areas we should be (this whole level).

They have a lever to open to gate blocking the way to stairs down to level 4. We asked for the gate to be opened and went to level 4.

Level four was stinky. There was a troglodyte at waiting at the bottom of the stairs. He said his name is Slaag. The troggy said we were welcome and “Thog” provides to their clan. First we saw the room of food (rotting meat). On the way to the room of water, Brandt asked about the center room, which is where Thog is supposed to live.

Thog is a big magnetic gizmo. There was a room with bell which supposedly lead to the stairs down. Thog requires a sacrifice to open the door. The room of water had a new and different stench.

There are two tribes on the level, and we got them to show us all of the various living quarters. (200 exp for stuff)

Down a level there was an undine summoner with his crab and mephit. (300 exp)
Chain shirt
light xbow 10 mwk bolts
ring of protection +1
10 empty flask
10 glass bottles
ink pen
scroll of invisibility
scroll of aqueos orb
coral chunk
5 pearls
nicer pearl
*flask of cure moderate wounds

Room with crabs

Room with large water elemental (200 exp)

Day six as recorded by Cheryl Tyrieldottir

We were resting at the landing, and the mephit attacked us in the night (200 exp)

We searched the closet of muck by the entrance. It contained 2 snorkels

Left over earth elemental lured the crab swam over, which Dolomanes burned good. (300 exp)

In the middle was a nasty thing which ate 12 dolphins.

The rest of the level was filled with gods, so we ran away.

The people on level 3 wanted a bribe, but we convinced them for none.

100 gp and 100 exp for exploring trog level. 2800 for being friendly with them.

Day nine as recorded by Cheryl Tyrieldottir.
Mr. Bitey bites some bandits.

We found the back entrance to level 3. Sneaking down the tunnel we found a temple, crypt, pool of water. As we advanced we snuffed out some lights.

They crypt room was empty other than some sepulchers.

The first door had two guards, and lead to the room with the spire and stairs down. (100 exp)
2 short sword
2 dagger
2 light xbow
2 potion CLW
2 oil flask
2 padded armor
20 bolts

Next we checked the temple area. It had a statue and paintings of some hooded god. There were three people inside. A cleric of Norborgorborger and two minions. (400 exp)
2 short sword
2 dagger
3 light xbow
2 potion CLW
2 oil flask
2 padded armor
20 bolts
potion flask of invisibility
chain shirt *
rapier *
Holy symbol of Nord
4 candle sticks (80 gp each)
mwk silver dagger

There was a secret door in the back of the room. In the room was a clockwork automaton. It was guarding blackmail stuff worth 700gp. (150 exp)

We found the cleric’s bedroom. The wardrobe was locked with a combo lock. Inside was a chest.
450 gp
1250 sp
pouch of 6x 50 gp onyx
spire transport token

We opened the door beyond the pool area.

There was another room with a guy doing experiments on animals. He was some sort of mage with an iron cobra. (300 exp)
mwk short sword
acid flask
arcane bond ring
3 vial med spider venom
3 vial acid
hemp rope
chain shirt

I collected a cage of seven baby rats. We then proceeded to a room with three sleeping guards.

We found out the statue had a gas trap (100 exp)

Barracks room had three guys in it. (200 exp)
3 short sword
3 dagger
2 light xbow
mwk light xbow
3 potion CLW
2 oil flask
4 small flasks
leather armor
2 padded armor
40 bolts

The Jaris’ room had:
3 potions clw
11 bottles wine
5 bottles brandy
8 vinegar
14 synistetic agent
8 antidote for above
3 acid
4 small centipede venom

We went through the kitchen which was empty

Then dining room had four guys including James. (200exp)
4 short sword
4 dagger
4 light xbow
4 potion CLW
4 oil flask
4 padded armor
40 bolts

11 Plates worth 550gp total

We found a prison type room with a gibbering mouther (400 exp)

There was another gas trap at the end of the hall and I had an eagle hop on it. (100 exp)

We checked a room which was private quarters with keepsakes and journals.
Rook Chess peice 25 gp
ivory comb 40gp
woman with lyre statue 15gp

At the front entrance there were two guys. One turned on an alarm. (200 exp)
2 short sword
2 dagger
2 mwk light xbow
2 potion CLW
8 centipede venom
2 oil flask
2 leather armor
40 bolts

There was a storage room with armor on dummies.
10 shortswords
12 dagger
4 light xbow
3 combosit shortbow +2 str
2 leather armor
3 padded armor
15 blood red ceremonial robes
12 masks (with resevoire in them)

We marched everybody back to town. (50 exp and 50 gp)
Greyshroud quest for info (150 exp)

Stuff was sold and I got the chain shirt for my magic credit.

report, visit 3

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