Friday Emerald Spire

Day twenty three as recorded by Cheryl Tyrieldottir

On the stairs down was a magic mouth from Tiawask asking for help down further.

There was a collapsed tunnel and another exit into a damaged room. There were four morloks hiding in the poop. (600 exp) There was a trap out of the room (200 exp) The pit had 1000gp, 15x 10gp quartzite, 6 jewlery x 150 each. Bejewled mwk longsword (750 gp)

Written on the wall were remains of ward glyphs. Azlanti runes to mask potent magic.

There was a corridor of poop and traps. (350 exp)

The room past was a bottle shaped room leading to a wooden door. The water elementals noticed a morlok in here. There was a battle with other morloks. (1200 exp). Pippin found a secret passage in the rubble.

6 clubs
mwk club
heavy pick

The door was blocked, so we took the secret door. It went to a passage way ending in another a stuck wooden trap door. I sent earth elementals up to open it. There was a sort of blade trap up above. With a couple morloks (500 exp)

2 clubs

The next room seemed to be living quarters with several morloks and morlok children. (950 exp)

Aquamarine 500 gp

The next room had a big defaced statue. Bird headed being with serpents for legs. Demon lord Abraxis.

The next room had a sleeping Morloc who did something hostile and Mr. Bitey pounced him to death.

Down the hall was a barrierd room. It killed the first wave of elementals. The guy smashed Mr. Bitey in one round. I flooded the room with elementals and eventually the guys went down (1500 exp)
empty vial
*potion of darkness
*potion of darkness
*bracers of armor +2
*great club +1
2x club

The next room was arcane locked. Iron cages with strange creature skelingtons. The corpses are pierced by iron skewers. There was a nephilim who we rescued.

The devil in the center ran away, then we killed a flesh golem in the next room. (800 exp)

mwk healers kit
grain alcohol x3 (3cp each)
jar of restorative ointment

Then we went back to town.

Day twenty two as recorded by Cheryl Tyrieldottir

We came to level 8 which had a magic statue holding an emerald. It teleported us into a room full of snake statues making sleep gas (600 exp) (600 exp), (300)
The elementals broke the statues and the snake men.
2000gp worth of rubies
2x mwk dagger

There was a room with a couple bridges over some water.

Guy with lever for statue traps and snakes in a pit (600 exp)
1200 gp

There was a magical trap (300 exp) and locked door leading to a pit with chained snakeman prisoner and six dire rats. (202 exp)

We talked to the prisoner and released him after getting information and promises.

We went to the watery entrance and fought 3 lizardmen (900 exp)
1200 gp
3x mwk dagger
holy symbol of Ydra

We opened the main room door with the symbol bypassing the trap (400exp)

800 exp for spitting traps

We fought the 2 headed snakeman. (700 exp)

  • dagger
  • necklace
    Holysymbol of ydirsis
    5 topaz x 50gp

Green gem quest: get the green gem. 5000gp emerald. (325 exp)

One room behind secret door 1 fiendish snake. (600 exp) It was guarding a nest room with the emerald spire.
Loot: gold chain with stone fang. (200gp value)

The other door had a path down to the darklands. (325 exp for completion of level).
Destroying the den of serpends exp: 500exp)

We camped in the larder.

Day eighteen as recorded by Cheryl Tyrieldottir
Mr. Bitey bites the fire.

The first thing on the next level was some candelabras with a fireball trap. I sent a fire elemental to set it off, and an alarm went off as well (400 exp)

There was a room with 6 fiendish trogs behind a barrier (450 exp)
Javalin x18
Mwk falchion x6
6 holy symbols of kro-atosh
60 gp

Through the middens we came to a cooking room with a necrophidieous (300 exp)
loot: ring of fire resistance minor (10Resist fire)

Salamander in a forging room. (600 EXP)
*barrel of keeping water cool (200gp value)
*breastplate +1
blacksmith’s kit
Diamonds worth 1000

Behind the next locked door was a jail with degenerate snake men. (600 exp)
mwk heavy mace x2
2000 gp

Next room had big reptilian statue with flames around it’s head (illusion). Lots of small statues of Iderisis had their heads chopped off. We got a quest to destroy the serpent folk factions.

The next room had the spire and an alter. There was a caster guy and dark naga. They fled (600 exp), (1200 exp) There was a snake swarm around the spire (400 exp)
6x death masks (2000gp value total)

The room beyond had guys waiting in wait. I sent the elementals through to get em. (500 exp) There were ogrekin and a quickling

Behind a secret door we found a bedroom with fancy decorations.

Pouch with 55pp
3 ruby (100gp each)
stone serpent’s fang
Library books worth 1200

We went back to town. (250 exp for exploring) 1000gp, 2000gp into the post tax pile.

Report 6
Too many automatons
Report 5
Details past the brigands
Day seventeen as recorded by Cheryl Tyrieldottir
Mr. Bitey bites a mean old man.

We went back to the tower. The next room we chekced was a bathroom.

Loot: 20 blocks blackfire clay (left behind)

The room beyond had the spire, a chair on a rise, and two automotons. They attack despite Mr. Bitey being friendly. 600 exp

2x longsword
2x glaives

There was a bedroom off it.
2x 50gp tapestries
200 gp
5x 100 gp emerald
spire transport token
*western star ioun stone (4000gp)
*potion of invis (300)
journal of proof we can kill him

Past some spinning portals we saw an Aghash and two fiendish leopards. It cast a nasty curse on me, but we killed it. (800 exp)
Yellow topaz 6x 200 gp

There was a room with an automaton and lots of weapons with a couple grates. (400 Exp)

Another room had a pair of self repairing butler automatons. (400 exp)

The last room had a plated minotaur. We killed it lots as it tried to run away. (400 exp)
amulet of natural armor +1
150 gp
3 rubies (150gp each)

Afterwards we navigated back to the center room to confront the old man. (1100)
*potion flask cure moderate wounds
*3rd level wand of magic missiles (24 charges )
mwk dagger
*belt of mighty con +2
*cloak of resistance +1
spire transport token
273 gp

(400 exp for being friendly with the Fetch)
(375 exp for clockwork scourge quest)

Day sixteen as recorded by Cheryl Tyrieldottir
Mr. Bitey bites nothing in particular

We started the day at the end of the water level.

The next level started with a room that had levers in it. We fiddled with the left red lever which rotated the bronze airlock. The room beyond had three magic items. A lump, a broken staff, and a mace. When Dolomanes fiddled with the staff using a mage hand a zap triggered and di-magicked the staff and lump. The mace was ID’d as a +1 mace. There was an obvious door out, and a secret door as well. (300 exp for trap)

100 gp tapestry
+1 mace (put back)

We talked to Korok the maker of automotons. He was crazy, but gave us permission to map his level.

We soon found a prison with one of the missing mages. We healed him up and decided to take him back home. (325 exp for returning him) 2000 gp reward.

We also turned in the map for the water level for 800 gp reward.

Day fifteen as recorded by Cheryl Tyrieldottir
Mr. Bitey bites the elements.

After a few days in town, we headed back to the dungeon.

We fought the mud lord in the drain room. (600 exp)
The muck was searched.
The south wall had a small portal at the level above the muck line.
No loot in the muck.

Beyond the door out of the room was a tunnel that went down into water. Elemental were sent down looking for trouble. The archons went to find air, and said there was some nearby. I summoned dolphins to take us to the air, which was a magical interface into a room with air and another portal down below. There was a lever opening a grate with a bunyip behind it.

The bunyip came out of the tunnel and was smashed by elementals after roaring to scare away some of my summons. (200 exp) No loot in the room.

There was a second room with another portal and seemed to be the bunyip’s living area.

A hallway beyond that led to a room with air, but no magical interface. Blaze got swept into the room with a giant moray eel when she opened the door. (400 exp)

We encountered yet another summoner and construct. (600 exp)
1 potion of Cure moderate wounds
1 scroll aq orb
1 scroll invisibility
1 chain shirt
1 dagger
1 light crossbow
1 magic ring of protection +1
1 antitoxin
1 backpack
10 empty flasks
5 empty bottles
1 hour hourglass
1 vial ink
1 ink pen
scroll case
100 gp coral
5x 10gp pearl
100 gp pearl
oil leather bundle
+1 adamantine battleaxe
headband of inspired wisdom +2
waterproof scroll case with notes on portals
letters to Oozar Coose of circle of Zis Thar
scroll case with emerald spire 8 sigil
spire transport token

A quest to defeat who is making automotons.

(150 exp for finishing exploring)
report 4
entering the tower again to fight bandits
Day eleven as recorded by Cheryl Tyrieldottir
Mr. Bitey bites some bacon.

We went back to the spire and checked the crypt room more thoroughly.
We killed a wight in the big iron banded coffin. (200 exp)
Golden pectoral (500gp value)

There was another undine summoner waiting on the water level. (500 exp)
scroll of invisibility
chain shirt
light xbow
10 mwk bolt
ring of protection +1
vial of antitoxin
10 flasks
5 bottles
ink pen
scroll case
coral (100gp)
5 pearls (10gp each)
1 pearl (100 gp)
Journal for lost portal quest research

We had a rematch with the big water elemental in the portal room. (400 exp)
We examined the portal which was a portal to the plane of water.

There were crates in the room
Potion of water breathing
several days common wine and food.

A mephit showed up during our break and elementals pounded it. (200 exp)

We closed the portal and decided to head back to town and wait for the water to drop.


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