Friday Emerald Spire

Day eighteen as recorded by Cheryl Tyrieldottir

Mr. Bitey bites the fire.

The first thing on the next level was some candelabras with a fireball trap. I sent a fire elemental to set it off, and an alarm went off as well (400 exp)

There was a room with 6 fiendish trogs behind a barrier (450 exp)
Javalin x18
Mwk falchion x6
6 holy symbols of kro-atosh
60 gp

Through the middens we came to a cooking room with a necrophidieous (300 exp)
loot: ring of fire resistance minor (10Resist fire)

Salamander in a forging room. (600 EXP)
*barrel of keeping water cool (200gp value)
*breastplate +1
blacksmith’s kit
Diamonds worth 1000

Behind the next locked door was a jail with degenerate snake men. (600 exp)
mwk heavy mace x2
2000 gp

Next room had big reptilian statue with flames around it’s head (illusion). Lots of small statues of Iderisis had their heads chopped off. We got a quest to destroy the serpent folk factions.

The next room had the spire and an alter. There was a caster guy and dark naga. They fled (600 exp), (1200 exp) There was a snake swarm around the spire (400 exp)
6x death masks (2000gp value total)

The room beyond had guys waiting in wait. I sent the elementals through to get em. (500 exp) There were ogrekin and a quickling

Behind a secret door we found a bedroom with fancy decorations.

Pouch with 55pp
3 ruby (100gp each)
stone serpent’s fang
Library books worth 1200

We went back to town. (250 exp for exploring) 1000gp, 2000gp into the post tax pile.



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