Friday Emerald Spire

Day three as recorded by Cheryl Tyriel Dottir

Mr. Bitey bites a lich.

Going back to the dungeon with our alchemical fire in hand we first encountered the hiding spider near the bottom of the stairs from level 1. Mr. Bitey bit the spider really well, and it died.

We took on the spider swarm and burnt it up great.

Going through the secret door at the back of the spider room, we came across a room with a lich hiding behind a curtain, with three skeletons pretending to be on the throne in front of him. A big fight with lots of channeling ensued, and we won in the end. Loot was looted.

Travel token
longsword x4
mwk dagger
belt of mighty con 2
cure moderate wounds
pouch with vial of
transport token
flask transmutation silversheen
4x belt pouches
ivory dice pair
mwk bastard sword
50gp emerald

Behind secret door number one there was a chest and a trapped ceiling. Once the ceiling dropped, the chest was opened. Inside the chest was a skull and snarky note.

In the hall outside was another trap door with a moon spider hiding it it. It was beat up very nicely by Mr. Bitey and a bird. (450 exp)

The next room was full of webs and a spider hiding amongst them. I set a fire elemental to clearing the webs, and my pack of dogs ate the spider. (150 exp)

longsword x2
dagger x5
hand axe
purse of 42cp

The hallway behind had rubble with a skeletal hand poking out. There was also a pit trap with another moon spider in it. Dolomanes blasted it with fire, and it was finished off by Blaze’s bow. (300 exp)

The corpse was a priest. Judging by robes. Based on his holy symbol he was a priest of some evil outer planar gods.

The room behind had a dead spider under a net trap. A closet had a zombie in it (200 exp).

In the center room of the dungeon was more webs. There was a big hole with a ladder going down. A fire elemental was set to burn all the webs, and once cleared we were attacked by two more spiders (400 exp)



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