Friday Emerald Spire

Day twenty three as recorded by Cheryl Tyrieldottir

On the stairs down was a magic mouth from Tiawask asking for help down further.

There was a collapsed tunnel and another exit into a damaged room. There were four morloks hiding in the poop. (600 exp) There was a trap out of the room (200 exp) The pit had 1000gp, 15x 10gp quartzite, 6 jewlery x 150 each. Bejewled mwk longsword (750 gp)

Written on the wall were remains of ward glyphs. Azlanti runes to mask potent magic.

There was a corridor of poop and traps. (350 exp)

The room past was a bottle shaped room leading to a wooden door. The water elementals noticed a morlok in here. There was a battle with other morloks. (1200 exp). Pippin found a secret passage in the rubble.

6 clubs
mwk club
heavy pick

The door was blocked, so we took the secret door. It went to a passage way ending in another a stuck wooden trap door. I sent earth elementals up to open it. There was a sort of blade trap up above. With a couple morloks (500 exp)

2 clubs

The next room seemed to be living quarters with several morloks and morlok children. (950 exp)

Aquamarine 500 gp

The next room had a big defaced statue. Bird headed being with serpents for legs. Demon lord Abraxis.

The next room had a sleeping Morloc who did something hostile and Mr. Bitey pounced him to death.

Down the hall was a barrierd room. It killed the first wave of elementals. The guy smashed Mr. Bitey in one round. I flooded the room with elementals and eventually the guys went down (1500 exp)
empty vial
*potion of darkness
*potion of darkness
*bracers of armor +2
*great club +1
2x club

The next room was arcane locked. Iron cages with strange creature skelingtons. The corpses are pierced by iron skewers. There was a nephilim who we rescued.

The devil in the center ran away, then we killed a flesh golem in the next room. (800 exp)

mwk healers kit
grain alcohol x3 (3cp each)
jar of restorative ointment

Then we went back to town.



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