Friday Emerald Spire

Day twenty two as recorded by Cheryl Tyrieldottir

We came to level 8 which had a magic statue holding an emerald. It teleported us into a room full of snake statues making sleep gas (600 exp) (600 exp), (300)
The elementals broke the statues and the snake men.
2000gp worth of rubies
2x mwk dagger

There was a room with a couple bridges over some water.

Guy with lever for statue traps and snakes in a pit (600 exp)
1200 gp

There was a magical trap (300 exp) and locked door leading to a pit with chained snakeman prisoner and six dire rats. (202 exp)

We talked to the prisoner and released him after getting information and promises.

We went to the watery entrance and fought 3 lizardmen (900 exp)
1200 gp
3x mwk dagger
holy symbol of Ydra

We opened the main room door with the symbol bypassing the trap (400exp)

800 exp for spitting traps

We fought the 2 headed snakeman. (700 exp)

  • dagger
  • necklace
    Holysymbol of ydirsis
    5 topaz x 50gp

Green gem quest: get the green gem. 5000gp emerald. (325 exp)

One room behind secret door 1 fiendish snake. (600 exp) It was guarding a nest room with the emerald spire.
Loot: gold chain with stone fang. (200gp value)

The other door had a path down to the darklands. (325 exp for completion of level).
Destroying the den of serpends exp: 500exp)

We camped in the larder.



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